Kayla Moline


Certified Nutritional Therapist, Speaker, Singer
and an Expert in Connection.

I teach the “Primary” solutions that will set you up for the life you have always wanted. I coach the next generation on how to take action, set goals, and achieve their dream.

Ready to take control of your life?
Ready to change the way you think about wellness?

I’m your girl.

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Check Out What People are Saying About Kayla

“Kayla has always offered me great advice with her creative ideas in mothering, nurturing, business, and balancing each area of my life. Her voice is a giant beacon of light to many women here on this earth. Thank you for constantly being a beacon to me, both as a friend and as a beautiful example.”

Whitni Dickson – Speaker, Performance Coach, Mentor

“Kayla has a vast amount of knowledge and experience that she is willing share with others. I have watched her teach others and am so impressed with her confidence and kind influence. She willing to share the experiences from her past that have become a source of understanding and a way for her to relate to others. She truly has allowed her “mess” to be incorporated into her message to make this world a better place.”

Natalie Hadley – Speaker, Performance Coach, Mentor and President at “Sunshine of Wellness”

“Kayla’s singing voice is the perfect combination of sultry, silky, and powerful.”

Greg Simpson – Award winning singer, songwriter, and producer

“What you see is who she truthfully is. If she is smiling, which she usually is, it is because she is genuinely happy. She is a person full of optimism. Just like everyone, there are a lot of trials in Kayla’s life that could have the power to drag her down, but she doesn’t let them. She has a way of seeing the best in others and herself that makes you feel wanted and loved when you are around her.”

Monica Cole – Wife, Mother of Four